Can the Gambling Commission help to get my money back?

The Gambling Commission does not directly assist in obtaining a refund of stakes placed, or put into a gaming machine. The Commission has instead ensured that operators must offer an effective dispute procedure.

Does the bacta ADR service accept complaints about all types of gambling styles?

No, bacta ADR service can only adjudicate on disputes connected with the outcome of gambling transactions within adult gaming centres, licensed family entertainment centres, bingo halls and pubs and clubs.

Do I have to pay any money to bacta ADR service in terms of fees and/or expenses?

No. The service is provided to consumers (customers) free from charges or expenses necessarily incurred.

How can I be assured that the ADR procedure is transparent and conducted fairly?

The Gambling Commission is the principal regulator of the UK betting and gaming industry; it has also been granted status as a ‘Competent Authority’ and, having assessed bacta ADR service to be an impartial and independent entity, has authorised bacta ADR service to carry out alternative dispute resolution.

Are there other ADR entities other than bacta ADR service?

Yes. Other authorised ADR entities are listed on the Gambling Commission’s website and on the bacta ADR service’s ‘Alternative ADR Services’ page.